Disseminating the power of photonics


ICFO’s Outreach team organizes activities, visits, and special programs specially designed for audiences that range from specialized audiences who are already familiar with the science of Photonics, to the uninitiated who we aim to inspire to learn more about science in general and the advances made possible by the amazing power of light in particular.


  • ICFO Decide Game
    An engaging group activity to discover ICFO and photonics
  • Citizen Science
    Scientific projects that require the participation of people
  • Talks, lectures and LIGHTtalks
    General Public A scientific meeting point for young students ICFO gives and organizes talks in different formats that are directed to different...
  • Digital platforms
    Discover quantum technologies with the Quantum Tour!
  • Guided visits to ICFO
    Discover the power of photonics through interactive activities
  • ICFO in fairs and other big events
    General Public ICFO participates in science and technology fairs, congresses and other events organized by other organizations with the aim...
  • Exhibitions
    General Public Informative panels, posters and interactive installations to bring science and photonics closer to society ICFO creates exhibitions in different formats...
  • Big events
    General Public ICFO organizes high-visibility events linked to major occasions In the framework of large public events, ICFO creates cultural and artistic...
  • Contests
    General Public Science through other disciplines ICFO creates multidisciplinary contests that encourage participants to get inmersed in the fascinating world of science...
  • Books and stories
    General Public Creating publications for different audiences ICFO reaches out to all ages through books and other publications that aim at immersing...