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ICFO reaches out to all ages through books and other publications that aim at immersing readers in the fascinating world of photonics.



lluminado and Lucilda is a series of tales for children accompanied by adults (or adults accompanied by children) showing the basics of photonics. They feature a strange couple formed by an atom who writes verses and the Queen of Photons, in a continuous search for a peaceful and beautiful universe.

The stories in this collection describe a universe that is not working properly because the light and matter are not willing to behave. The Empress Lucilda aided by Iluminado, the enlightened atom who is a poet and madly in love with the Empress, look for ways to create a world with a balanced relationship between light and matter, a bond that makes possible wonderful things.

The titles in the collection are:


Iluminado and Lucilda

lluminado is an atom, and also a poet, living in a universe where matter is afraid of light. He realizes that light is the inspiration for his art and understands that Lucilda plans to banish all fear from the atoms. He decides to help her and to never leave her alone again.

The Laser Universe

Another failed attempt by Lucilda to make a rich and fertile universe. In this universe, light and matter play non-stop to create parties and lasers. The laser beam is “a good solution looking for problems”… But in this universe there are no problems! Lucilda must start all over again.

The Photonic Ship in Search of the Rainbow

Lucilda finally achieved her goal. A ship, piloted by photonic robots coming from planet Drulla, crosses galaxies in search of the legendary Rainbow planet, inhabited by very friendly beings who also play with lasers…


Laura and Joan are two children with magical powers who occasionally participate in some very interesting research travelling around Catalonia… But the magician who came out of the magic lamp made them promise that the magical powers could be used just for a couple of days… Check out what happened when they came to ICFO.


A book for young adults and adults dedicated to discover the amazing powers of light. With an eye-catching design and understandable writing style, the book describes light as an enabling tool in areas as diverse as health, communications, security, environment, clean energies, and future quantum technologies, among many others.


Resources for teachers

ICFO creates materials for educators and participates in European projects that generate resources for teachers. Feel free to enter the areas below and use the materials and content to bring science and technology closer to your classroom in a different way. We...

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Young Photonics Congress

A scientific meeting point for young students ICFO annually organizes the Young Photonics Congress, a meeting point for young students that makes them live the experience of a scientific congress where the spotlight is on them. Students can explain their work to other...

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Lifelong Learning for Teachers

From the lab to your classroom As ICFO, we collaborate with the program “Professors i ciència” from the “Fundació Catalunya la Pedrera”. We have offered several training courses addressed to high school teachers. In these courses we expect to bring the physics of...

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Science through other disciplines ICFO creates multidisciplinary contests that encourage participants to get inmersed in the fascinating world of science and photonics through literature, music and the audiovisual arts. Light on the Waves integrates science,...

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Big events

ICFO organizes high-visibility events linked to major occasions In the framework of large public events, ICFO creates cultural and artistic events that combine science, literature, light, music or other cultural elements open to society at large to bring photonics...

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Informative panels, posters and interactive installations to bring science and photonics closer to society ICFO creates exhibitions in different formats about Photonics and its applications, conceived and designed to capture attention, raise interest and increase the...

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Magic Shows for Light Explorers

Learning about photonics in a magical way Light, its nature and its properties are as amazing as they are useful. In our daily life, the things we do, the objects we use, how we generate and harness energy, the way we communicate and how we take care of our health,...

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ICFO in fairs and other big events

ICFO participates in science and technology fairs, congresses and other events organized by other organizations with the aim of expanding the reach of our outreach efforts. We create hand-on activities, workshops and intearctive stands and give talks that bring a...

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