Challenges to leveraging innovation

ICFO organizes photonics challenges to promote
the opportunities that photonics pose to innovation

ICFO creates challenges that give participants the chance to use their own creativity to design, build and test solutions that integrate photonics. These projects are conceived in different formats, either to be the base of research projects for secondary school and university students that require long periods of time (weeks) or to be solved within workshops in a shorter period of time.

In the framework of the European project, PHABLABS 4.0, in which ICFO collaborates with fab labs, secondary school and university students can participate in the challenge projects created by ICFO. These challenges require that participants find solutions based on photonics and build a prototype using the tools and technologies that students will find at the fab labs that participate in the project. If you are interested in participating in the ICFO PHABLABS 4.0 challenge, please contact

Challenge projects are developed around specific research areas, such as quantum, new materials (graphene) or biophotonics. Should you be interested in participating in a challenge as part of your research project, go to the following link.


Talks, lectures and LIGHTtalks

A scientific meeting point for young students ICFO gives and organizes talks in different formats that are directed to different target audiences. We give the talk in or outside ICFO, at schools, museums, congresses, etc. To see our upcoming talks, please visit the...

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Career hub

CARLA, the career hub in photonics, aims to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship and to empower diversity.

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