Be an icfonian for a day

Live frontier research
together with other women in STEM

Are you a woman* in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Undergraduate or Master program? Are you curious of what the daily life of a researcher looks like? Would you like to have the chance to chat with a bunch of scientists and share your doubts and questions with them? This is the program for you!

The program, integrating 4 events spread throughout the academic year, will allow you to:

  • get to know ICFO researchers and familiarize with the feeling of frontier research;
  • experience the daily life of an ICFOnian;
  • get inspiration for your future career in STEM;
  • create a network with peers and ICFOnians;
  • become part of the ICFO family!


* We welcome cis and trans women as well as genderqueer and non-binary people.


The program is directed to women* in STEM Undergraduate and Master programs, aiming at bringing them closer to the opportunities and reality of careers in deep tech.

* We welcome cis and trans women as well as genderqueer and non-binary people.



three women working in a photonics lab


Be an ICFOnian for a day is an annual program and consists of 4 dedicated events throughout the academic year.


Welcome to icfo
(September 2023)

During this event, we will present the program and we will introduce you to the team you will be assigned to. You will also engage in an entertaining group activity to get to know ICFO and the research done at the center.

Be an ICFOnian for a day
(to be scheduled between October 2023 and June 2024)

This is the core activity of the program, from which it takes its name! In pairs or small teams, you will stay with an ICFO research group and have the opportunity to see the lab and offices, interact with the scientists, and experience their daily life.

Career development & networking
(February/March 2024)

During this event, you will discover career opportunities and grow your network with the ICFOnians and other participants of the program.
This event will take place during the Women in Science month, an initiative by ICFO to increase the visibility of female scientists and inclusion at the workplace.

A bright future in photonics
(June 2024)

During the closing event of the program, you will have a sneak-peak of the multitude of multidisciplinary prospects enabled by photonics and the opportunity to develop transferable skills that will be useful for your career progression!

In addition to these events, participants will have the opportunity to join the career development and training programs hosted by ICFO during the duration of the program and beyond. We will also to create an alumni community, enabling a network between the participants of different editions.

Participants will be given priority and preference for the ICFO – Summer Fellows Program through two designated slots.

ICFO is a cutting-edge research center that attracts talent from all around the world. Being an ICFOnian means communicating primarily in English, therefore these events will be all in English!




Deadline for application submission: July 17, 2023 (extended)

Communication of acceptance: before July 31, 2023

students working with a laptop at ICFO


Welcome to ICFO: Second half of September 2023 (date to be announced)

Be an ICFOnian for a day: to be scheduled between October 2023 and June 2024

Career development & networking: February/March 2024 (date to be announced)

A bright future in photonics: June 2024 (date to be announced)



Participation in the program is free of charge.

If you would like to be an ICFOnian for a day, please submit your application by filling this form by July 18, 2023. Through this questionnaire we will start to get to know you, your motivations and interests.

During the program you will be paired with at least another student for some of the program activities. Although applications are individual, feel free to engage your friends and let us know in the form who you would like to be paired with!

All participants are required to attend all the organized events in person.

Should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at!

woman working in the lab


Young Photonics Congress 2024

march 15, 2024 deadline for project submissions: january 29, 2024Are you a high school student who likes science and technology and would you like to meet and share your work with other people like you? ICFO is giving you a great opportunity: join the next Young...

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Young Photonics Congress

A scientific meeting point for young students ICFO annually organizes the Young Photonics Congress, a meeting point for young students that makes them live the experience of a scientific congress where the spotlight is on them. Students can explain their work to other...

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Books and stories

Creating publications for different audiences ICFO reaches out to all ages through books and other publications that aim at immersing readers in the fascinating world of photonics.   FROM THE BIG BANG TO LASER EXPLORERS IN SPACE lluminado and Lucilda is a series...

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Science through other disciplines ICFO creates multidisciplinary contests that encourage participants to get inmersed in the fascinating world of science and photonics through literature, music and the audiovisual arts. Light on the Waves integrates science,...

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Informative panels, posters and interactive installations to bring science and photonics closer to society ICFO creates exhibitions in different formats about Photonics and its applications, conceived and designed to capture attention, raise interest and increase the...

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Magic Shows for Light Explorers

Learning about photonics in a magical way Light, its nature and its properties are as amazing as they are useful. In our daily life, the things we do, the objects we use, how we generate and harness energy, the way we communicate and how we take care of our health,...

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ICFO in fairs and other big events

ICFO participates in science and technology fairs, congresses and other events organized by other organizations with the aim of expanding the reach of our outreach efforts. We create hand-on activities, workshops and intearctive stands and give talks that bring a...

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Challenges to leveraging innovation

ICFO organizes photonics challenges to promote the opportunities that photonics pose to innovation ICFO creates challenges that give participants the chance to use their own creativity to design, build and test solutions that integrate photonics. These projects are...

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Workshops: putting photonics to work

Hands on activities customized for target audiences ICFO creates workshops around different STEM topics underlying photonics for different age groups. These hands on activities enable participants to learn about photonics in fun ways. They vary in content and format...

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