Let’s go quantum! Quantum physics in the classroom at STEAM

5 April at 10am

ICFO will participate in the 5th International Education Conference that will take place in CosmoCaixa between 30 March and 6 April. In this year’s edition, we present “Let’s go quantum!” an activity to give teachers ideas and tools about to bringing quantum physics into the classroom.

About the activity:

Even if it may seem incredible, quantum physics has an important impact on our daily life; without it, we would not have developed useful technologies, like lasers, LEDs and transistors. But hold on! Many more are about to come, like 100% secure online communications and quantum computers, as we are at the beginning of a quantum technological revolution, the so called Second Quantum Revolution. The ICFO outreach team has worked in the last years on many and diverse materials that you can directly bring to the classroom to introduce some of the basic concepts that are at the base of actual research and technological development in quantum physics. With a wide range of classroom activities, from card games up to virtual tours in the quantum world, we will show you how quantum physics can get to your class, so that your students can be part of the upcoming quantum revolution!

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