Fira Recerca en Directe

APril 27-30, 2022

CosmoCaixa (BARCELONA)

Come and solve scientific riddles at the Recerca en Directe Fair, organized by the Parc Científic de Barcelona!

There you will find many research groups explaining their work: ICFO will be there too, with an activity to explain how we can send secret messages with quantum physics.

In a digital world with so much sensitive information accessible over the internet, cybersecurity is key. Quantum cryptography, based on the properties of objects at the microscopic scale (e.g. atoms and photons), promises to distribute our data more securely, protecting us from possible new technologies and even revealing the presence of a spy. Two ICFO research groups are working together on the future of quantum internet.

On April 27, 28 and 29, the fair will be open to school groups (they must book their slot in advance).

On April 30, the Recerca en Directe fair is open to everyone visiting CosmoCaixa (no need for booking).

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