quantum physics: a tool for new emerging technologies

training for high-school teachers



JUly 1-10, 2021


The technologies that derived from the first quantum revolution (lasers, LEDs, transistors, …) are everywhere. Now we are at the beginning of a second quantum revolution that promises to bring new technologies that will benefit the whole society.

If you want to help the new generations to discover this fascinating world full of opportunities, don’t miss the course La física quàntica: una eina per a noves tecnologies emergents (in Catalan) based on the materials of the ICFO Maciej Lewenstein Quantum School for Teachers (soon available at the ICFO outreach website).

This course is part of the 2021 Summer School organized by the Col·legi Oficial de Doctors i Llicenciats en Filosofia i Lletres i en Ciències de Catalunya.


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