Fotografía artística nocturna de la luz en movimiento

M. teresa ramos garcía

jesuïtes bellvitge Joan XXIII – l’hospitalet de llobregat

Astrophotography is a branch of photography whose function is to capture astronomical objects and astronomical phenomena. It acts on several fields and one of them is the artistic one. However, not having a telescope has its limits: the photography of planets and deep space reminds excluded. Consequently, if this project wanted to recover sense, it had to turn to night photography of landscapes and monuments.

The purpose of this research project is to make balanced photomontages summarizing these two styles in an only one; fusing technique with art and mechanics. In conclusion, the main objective is to show the beauty of the resulting works.

This written work is a summary of the necessary techniques, which after putting them into practice, turn out in twenty photocompositions that play with the phenomenon of light moving, concept that will make sense when this project will be concluded.