Batecs, llum i Arduino

anna segura merino,
ismael valdés


ies josep lluis sert – castelldefels

The aim of our project is to create a t-shirt with LED lights attached to it that turn on and off following the heart rate of the person wearing it by using Arduino single-board microcontrollers.

We took interest in Arduino single-board microcontrollers thanks to ICFO, that gave us an introduction of the relation between technology and light. The subject really caught our attention, so we researched for more information and we found ourselves really interested in it. We thought that we could really dig in the subject because of the amount of information it has to offer due to its recentness.

In order to make it happen, we use pulsioximetry, that allows knowing the heart rate only by placing with a clip a green light on the tip of a finger that reflects through it and pierces through the blood. In that way, a light-sensor detects the amount of light reflected in every moment to know the pulse. To connect all the components and do the operations we use Arduino single-board microcontrollers, that also do the job of tuning on and off the LED lights with the resulting values.