Investiguem fenòmens de la foscor

albert vidal cáceres,
Pau asensi arranz,
albert gordo martínez,
gerard oller garcía,
jordi rubio alas

INS Salvador dalí – el prat de llobregat

What is the speed of darkness?

To know what is the speed of the darkness, first we must define what it is, and for that, we must define what is the light.

The light is a kind of radiant energy that can be produced by different methods:

Natural methods: Sunlight and other stars;

Artificial methods: Lightbulbs or candles.

The darkness can be defined as the lack of light, because the darkness has a particle (photons), but the darkness doesn’t.

The speed of light is C=300000 km/s, so if the darkness is the lack of light, you can say that the darkness is also C, but there are also kinds of darkness that are faster than light, for example: a shadow.

If we emit a light from the Earth to the Moon, which isn’t easy, and we make a shadow with one finger in a point A of the shadow, and we move it to a point B of the shadow fast enough, we should have made a shadow that is faster than light.

Shadow blister effect:

Here we will study a phenomenon of the shadows, named refraction.

When you put an object near another object, but without touching, sometimes the shadows are touching, here we will show an image explaining it:

If you can observe the image, the blackest things are the objects, which aren’t touching, but if you can watch the shadows (grey things), they are touching and are mixing together.