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Photo-thermal therapy is a minimally-invasive treatment in which photon energy is converted into calorific energy to kill cancer cells. Gold nanoparticles convert photon energy into heat efficiently, thereby making them essentials in this kind of therapies. In this work, the traditional therapies against cancer have been investigated to manifest the aggressiveness of these treatments, the optimal conditions for carrying out the photo-thermal therapy successfully have been studied, and the optical and chemical properties which make nanoparticles so important have been investigated. For doing this investigation, gold nanoparticles, with different sizes and shapes, have been synthesised in order to study the different properties and to find the optimal nanoparticles for doing this treatment, a polymer has been adhered to the nanoparticles and they have been incubated into physiological serum in order to see the interaction between nanoparticles with the polymer and proteins or other molecules in a biologic environment.