Aviat arribarà…Eduball

Generant energia amb el treball d’equip mentre es promou ciència i esport. T’ho imagines?

ICFO, juntament amb Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera i el col·legi Oms i de Prat, ho han fet realitat.

Aviat més informació, però mentre,…mira això!


UNESCO endorses annual International Day of Light

ICFO, as co-founder and acting coordinator of the ECOP alliance (European Centres for Outreach in Photonics), will participate and have an acting role on the steering committee of the new International Day of Light, to be proclaimed at the General Conference of UNESCO...

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PHABLABS 4.0 for Photonics

PHABLABS 4.0 was created with the goal of achieving a lasting, positive impact on the way photonics is integrated into the rapidly expanding ecosystem of European Fab Labs and Makerslabs, resulting in a larger and better skilled photonics workforce with superior...

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