Photonics research is rapidly flowing from research centres and laboratories to be incorporated into industrial processes. ICFO participates in a number of collaborative activities with industry in addition to generating insightful resources for businesses. ICFO also strives to reach new sectors and industries where photonics may be applied to unleash innovative potential, improving industrial processes and brining new products to market. Please visit ICFO website to learn more about our broad range of joint activities with our industrial partners.

Industrial Workshops and Seminars

In addition to scheduled seminars on-site, ICFO organizes a series of workshops and seminars specifically targeting new business sectors that may benefit from photonics.


Check out the recent reports on the impact of photonic technologies in different technology areas.

  • Quantum Technologies and Society

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  • Nanophotonics Foresight Report

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Personalized training

Professionals from industry are welcome to learn about the role that light is playing in advancements within their sector. ICFO offers specialized courses that combine lectures with complementary practical demonstrations at the ICFO facilities.