• Final Concert Light on the waves

    Come to the Light on the Waves Great Final Concert!

    Friday, October 9 2015, at 19:00 at Sala Teatre del CCCB (Montalegre 5, Barcelona).

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    All the info at www.lallumalesones.icfo.eu

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  • Photonics: discover the power of light - from fiction to reality

    An itinerant exhibition that shows cutting-edge technologies through the eyes from a 1920s illustrator. This is an exhibition that provides a glimpse of the impact, opportunities and applications that photonics represents in many areas of society, from health to communications and from energy to industrial processes. 

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  • LIGHTtalk: lighting the future

    LIGHTtalks: Lighting the Future are destined for entrepreneurs, students attending business schools and also a broad public audience. This event aims at providing an overview of the impact of photonics in different markets and the opportunities and potential of photonics entrepreneurship. 

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  • Exhibit "Pull - push: a world moved by light"

    Photonics arrives to l'Espai Cultura Fundació Sabadell 1859 with an artistic, educative and entertaining exhibit on the interaction of light-matter and its applications. 

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  • Top Ultra-Secret at TopScience-CosmoCaixa

    Interactive exhibition about quantum cryptography (how to send secret messages using the fascinating quantum properties of photons). You can visit it at CosmoCaixa. From October 2014, you can also attend guided tours for highschool groups. The exhibition is part of the new space Top Science.

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  • Alice in Wonderland is 150 years old!

    2015 is the International Year of light. Alice in Wonderland is 150 years old. ICFO celebrates it in Kosmópolis - The Amplified Literature Fest, with an activity about riddles and secrets hidden light. You have to write alternative adventures of Alice and listen live how some trobadours who will narrate your stories.

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  • Girls, Boys and Photonics

    “Girls, Boys and Photonics” is a GoPhoton! activity at ICFO that offers a morning full of new experiences and curiosities about light. “ESO” and “Batxillerat” students will have the chance to visit ICFO and participate in several activities, workshops and talks, that will introduce and bring them closer to the world of photonics.

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  • Lifelong Learning for Teachers: "from the lab to your classroom"

    As ICFO we collaborate with the program “Professors i ciència” from the “Fundació Catalunya la Pedrera”.

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  • ICFO Open Day

    The ICFO Open Day is a day full of activities designed to highlight the fascinating properties of light as well as its wide range of applications.

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  • Dictionary of Photonics

    After the experience of Kosmopolis al CCCB we have started the collection of limericks for a photonic dictionary, very much inspired by our friends at OEDILF – A limerick dictionary. We proudly present The DiMuFoFoLi: The Multilingual Dictionary of Photonics in Limerick Form.

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