Fira Recerca en Directe

March 6-9, 2019

Come and solve scientific riddles at the Recerca en Directe Fair, organized by the Parc Científic de Barcelona!

There you can discover – among with many other interesting projects – the nanomedicine project developed by the research group led by ICFO Prof. Dr. Romain Quidant.

Light and matter at the nanoscale behave very differently from what we are used to. We can currently transform them into valuable tools for biomedical applications by combining different disciplines (physics, chemistry, biology). Studying the interaction of light with nanostructures (and with metal nanostructures in particular) allows us to find new strategies to help fighting cancer. We present a research project to control light and heat at the nanoscale for application to photothermic therapy of cancer.

At the Fair you will be able to experiment and see in real time how the nanoparticles can efficiently and selectively heat the cancerous cells.

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