Fira Recerca en Directe

May 6-9, 2020


Come and solve scientific riddles at the Recerca en Directe Fair, organized by the Parc Científic de Barcelona!

ICFO will present the following project:
FÍSICA – Contaminació lumínica, la importància del color

What is the color of a lightbulb? At first glance, they may seem the same, but their color is one of the important factors for the effects of artificial light on the environment and our health. The research project that we will present at the Fair aims to build a map of the distribution of artificial light and its color, and determine the importance of it in health and the environment through the collaboration of citizens with the scientific community.

Come and observe with a spectrometer the differences between light bulbs to discover the role of color in light pollution, and how you can become a scientist yourself to help people to better understand this problem!

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