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From the Big Bang to laser explorers on space

Iluminado and Lucilda is a series of tales for children accompanied by adults (or adults accompanied by children) showing the basics of photonics. They feature a strange couple formed by an atom who writes verses and the Queen of Photons in a continuous search for a peaceful and beautiful universe.

The stories in this collection describe a universe that is not working properly because the light and matter are not willing to behave. The Empress Lucilda aided by Brightie, the enlightened atom who is a poet and madly in love with the Empress , look for ways to create a world with a balanced relationship between light and matter, a bond that makes possible wonderful things. 

The titles in the collection are:

  • Iluminado and Lucilda: luminado is an atom, and also a poet, living in a universe where matter is afraid of light. He realizes that light is the inspiration for his art and understands that Lucilda plans to banish all fear from the atoms. He decides to help her and to never leave her alone again.
  • The Laser Universe: Another failed attempt by Lucilda to make a rich and fertile universe. In this universe, light and matter play non-stop to create parties and lasers. The laser beam is "a good solution looking for problems"... But in this universe there are no problems! Lucilda must start all over again.
  • The Photonic Ship in Search of the Rainbow: Lucilda finally achieved her goal. A ship piloted by photonic robots coming from planet Drulla crosses galaxies in search of the legendary Rainbow planet, inhabited by very friendly beings who also play with lasers ...

Coming soon… Big Bang!