Youngest minds

ICFO offers a wide range of activities to engage students at all levels to the wonders of photonics.

Often passions start at childhood

The concept of Scientific Discovery can be nurtured in children starting at a young age, encouraging them to ask questions and develop a mindset based on the scientific discovery and process. “Why is the Sky Blue? What is a rainbow? How does the Internet work?” All of these seemingly simple questions pave the way for insightful conversations that introduce some basic concepts behind the science of light.

At ICFOseum, students between 8 and 12 years-of age find stimulating activities that illustrate the principles of photonics and its role in our everyday life.

What’s happening…

  • Light On the Waves

    We invite you to tanke part in Light on the Waves of Change, a science fiction climate contest with two prizes: to publish in Principia Magazine and get your words turned into a song. 

    Don't miss our tool for teachers, also useful for discussion for the general public (in Catalan and Spanish) based on the Decide Game.

    Video in Spanish

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  • The BIG Bell Test

    Worldwide quantum physics experiments powered by human randomness.

    Through the BIG Bell Test videogame, you can choose what happens in laboratories all around the world as we test quantum physics using human unpredictability.

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  • Do you want to Touch the Light?

    Come with your school to CosmoCaixa from March 31 2016 to discover the hidden games in colors, reflections, refractions, polarizations and diffractions of light! ICFO's workshop Toca la Llum (Touch the Light!) is now open!

    For more information or to register, visit:

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  • Upcoming ICFO events and activities

    List of the upcoming outreach events and activities of ICFO.

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  • Photonics: discover the power of light - from fiction to reality

    An itinerant exhibition that shows cutting-edge technologies through the eyes from a 1920s illustrator. This is an exhibition that provides a glimpse of the impact, opportunities and applications that photonics represents in many areas of society, from health to communications and from energy to industrial processes. 

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  • Alice in Wonderland is 150 years old!

    2015 is the International Year of light. Alice in Wonderland is 150 years old. ICFO celebrates it in Kosmópolis - The Amplified Literature Fest, with an activity about riddles and secrets hidden light. You have to write alternative adventures of Alice and listen live how some trobadours who will narrate your stories.

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  • ICFO Open Day

    The ICFO Open Day is a day full of activities designed to highlight the fascinating properties of light as well as its wide range of applications.

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  • Light Painting

    With light we can also write, draw or paint. Thanks to the “light painting” technique we can learn more about the physics of light and, at the same, promote creativity and entertainment.

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  • From the Big Bang to laser explorers on space

    Iluminado and Lucilda is a series of tales for children accompanied by adults (or adults accompanied by children) showing the basics of photonics. They feature a strange couple formed by an atom who writes verses and the Queen of Photons, in a continuous search for a peaceful and beautiful universe.

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  • Laura and Joan in a dazzling search

    Laura and Joan are two children with magical powers who occasionally participate in some very interesting research travelling around Catalonia... But the magician who came out of the magic lamp made them promise that the magical powers could be used just for a couple of days...
    Check out what happened when they came to ICFO.

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  • Visits

    ICFO opens its door to interested students, who can visit ICFO's facilities accompanied by their teachers, friends or parents.

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