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LIGHTtalks: careers in photonics

LIGHTtalks: Careers in Photonics are destined for university students, as well as high school students and general public to highlight the importance of Photonics as a career option, its potential, and the fact that people with different backgrounds have come to work in photonics, the same as that people use photonics to work in different disciplines.

This event aims at providing an overview of the multidisciplinarity of the photonics professional landscape. A scientist, a scientific communications professional, a lawyer and an entreprenuer, among other, will come and tell us about their experience in working in photonics. 

This event will take place between noon and 2 pm on 21 November at Aula Magna of the Faculty of Physics of the Universitat de Barcelona

Free of charge. Limited seating. Networking lunch included.

To register go to the following link.

For more information please e-mail Lydia Sanmartí at lydia.sanmarti(ELIMINAR)@icfo.eu.