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Photonics: discover the power of light - from fiction to reality

An itinerant exhibition that shows cutting-edge technologies through the eyes from a 1920s illustrator. This is an exhibition that provides a glimpse of the impact, opportunities and applications that photonics represents in many areas of society, from health to communications and from energy to industrial processes. 

The exhibition is divided in two segments; one dedicated to the impact and opportunities of photonics in different markets, and the other devoted to showcasing some of the applications using illustrations by the world-renowned science fiction illustrator of the 1920s Paul R. Frank.

The exhibition can be seen in several locations throughout 2015. Please see the upcoming events section in: /general-public/what-happening/42/upcoming-events-and-activities

If you are interested in showing this exhibition in your organization, please contact Lydia Sanmartí at lydia.sanmarti(ELIMINAR)@icfo.eu.