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LIGHTtalk: lighting the future

LIGHTtalks: Lighting the Future are destined for entrepreneurs, students attending business schools and also a broad public audience. This event aims at providing an overview of the impact of photonics in different markets and the opportunities and potential of photonics entrepreneurship. Specifically, it will highlight how photonics technologies (considered KET by the EC) have changed the world and will continue to do so in the future through areas of communications, healthcare, improved energy efficiency, innovative lighting design, improve quality of life, preserving cultural heritage, etc.

This LIGHTtalk is organized within the Innovation and Science Festival of Barcelona, and specifically, within the event dedicated to entrepreneurship that will take place on 15 April between 9 am and 6pm.

For more information and to register: http://lameva.barcelona.cat/novum/ca/novum-pro/emprendre-des-de-la-universitat