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Top Ultra-Secret at TopScience-CosmoCaixa

At ICFO we've worked on an interactive exhibition about quantum cryptography (how to send secret messages using the fascinating quantum properties of photons). You can visit it at CosmoCaixa. From October 2014, you can also attend guided tours for highschool groups. The exhibition is part of the new space Top Science.

During the visits, and only during visits, it will make its appearance teh Q-Box, a macroscopic photon designed for you to play spies using polarization states and secret base coding...

At the exhibition you will find:

  • A history of cryptography, from ancient Greece to quantum hackers, reviewing cryptography as a source of developments in linguistics, computer science, mathematics and physics
  • A virtual lab with up to five levels of challenges to learn why photons are the most careful couriers
  • A screen with more detailed information on quantum cryptography
  • Games to understand why quantum cryptography is the only communication method 100% secure
  • Which effects on society are expected from the progress in this and other quantum technologies

If you are a teacher and want to go with your class group, please register at:

http://agenda.obrasocial.lacaixa.es/-/visita-guided top-science

We hope you don't get trapped inside the code!