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ICFO at YoMo 2017

ICFO and its partner IIT from the Graphene Flagship, will be at YoMo, the Youth Mobile Festival, introducing the young students to the world of graphene.

Graphene is a wonder material. It is made of one-atom thick honey-comb carbon layer 100 times stronger than steel and with extraordinary electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties that ensure it a brilliant future in several technological contexts.

Shape our future with graphene!

When? From 27 February to 2 March!

Where? Visit us at Fira Montjuïc, Hall 1, and you'll find:

  • THE GRAPHENE CORNER: Video and poster exhibit dedicated to the history, the properties, and the applications of graphene. Members of the ICFO team will be present to answer your questions about graphene. You could even produce some graphene flakes!
  • GRAPHOPOLIS: Hands on activites for students and teachers around graphene. Discover graphene’s wonder features and use your imagination to shape the future of Graphopolis, drawing a collective interactive sound map featuring your own graphene-based devices.  With the support of Graphene Flagship partner Novalia. Sessions for students everyday at 10:30, 12:00, and 13:30. Sessions for teachers everyday at 15:00.
  • THE MAGIC OF LIGHT SHOW: Magic demonstrations to illustrate the physics and technology of light and graphene. The newest technologies enabled by photonics: green energy, non-invasive diagnosis and treatments, global communications, and a leap into the new era of quantum technologies, all explained by a professional magician that will take you through ICFO's main research areas. 27 February and 1 March at 14:00, in the Dome space.

Teachers, we have prepared this educational material for the classroom!

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Funded by the European Union