Agrofood and Water


Photonics plays a central role in a variety of applications for the agriculture and food fields. The agro-food sector can go from the making, processing, preparing and packaging of food products for human consumption with raw materials that derive from the primary sector; specifically from agriculture, livestock and fisheries. The potential for photonic technologies in all these levels can lead to mass customization, rapid manufacturing, non-destructive testing and waste reduction.

ICFO’s Light for Health Focus Program bridges science and technology and has as a final aim reaching different markets and mass production. The program has also a major impact in both the national and international community in terms of dissemination and training of the state-of-the-art techniques in photonics applied to life sciences. At ICFO we conduct cutting-edge research and development in bio and nano-photonics that has relevant applications in both the agriculture and food science fields. From sensors in harsh environments, trace gas detection, real time monitoring of plant growth, food and water quality control, light can be used to efficiently manage resources and increase productivity. 

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