Making photonics permeate other fields

Photonics is a true enabling technology. Introduce photonics to a multidisciplinary collaboration and you enhance the possibilities for conceptual advancement and the creation of new knowledge with useful and marketable applications for society. This is what we refer to as cross-fertilization, highly skilled professionals from a variety of disciplines, pooling their knowledge to assess problems and solutions from unique and innovative perspectives. Disciplines as diverse as life sciences, medicine, agriculture, archaeology, cultural patrimony and quality control are examples of current collaborations we have at ICFO.

  • Biomedicine

    Photonics plays an increasingly central role in a variety of applications for Life Sciences, most notably in the biomedical field. We conduct cutting-edge research and development in bio and nanophotonics with a special focus on advanced imaging modalities and techniques.

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  • Agrofood and Water

    The agro-food sector can go from the making, processing, preparing and packaging of food products for human consumption with raw materials that derive from the primary sector; specifically from agriculture, livestock and fisheries.

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