• More than 100,000 people challenge Einstein in a unique worldwide Quantum Physics experiment

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  • The BIG Bell Test: quantum physics entangled with human randomness

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  • The BIG Bell Test

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  • Young Photonic Congress 2016 (2nd edition)

    Students who have completed and/or delivered research projects, classroom projects or projects from a stay in a research institute are invited to present their work in the second Young Photonic Congress at ICFO specifically geared for young people.

    Poster and oral presentations should be directly or indirectly related to light.

    More specifically, this may include the applications in some area of life such as health, energy, information, etc. or the relationship of light with matter and the range of possibilities that this interaction provides (as an example, light\'s interaction with nanomaterials, etc.)

    This objective of this event organized by ICFO is focused on inspiring the next generation of scientists and technologists to consider the amazing things that can be accomplished with Photonics.

    Registration Deadline: July, 15 2016

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  • 'DR. JOHN C. MATHER: The History of the Universe from the beginning to the end: where did we ...

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  • Richi Talent 2016

    A few years ago the Richi Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Barcelona and Boston, created the Richi Talent, an initiative in collaboration with MISTI Spain (MIT International Science & Technology Initiatives) that aims to identify, incentivize and support promising young people who, in the future and in different fields of science, humanities and arts, will play a crucial role in social progress. Its main objective is to awaken the vocation of the most talented Baccalaureate students through an annual competition.

    This year ICFO has teamed up with the foundation to host a talented high school student for the summer as part of the Richi Talent program. Anggie Rizo, a student from the IES Joanot Martorell of Esplugues del Llobregat, will be spending three weeks at ICFO to carry out her final school research project. Supervised by Dr. Federica Beduini, from the Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) unit, Anggie will be studying and learning optics and photonics concepts as well as developing a LED device that produces, as an outcome, light in different wavelengths or colors.

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  • Final Ceremony of Illuminating Curiosity

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  • From Science to Business

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  • STEAM Conference

    From April 14-16th, the second edition of the STEAM International Conference is taking place at the CosmoCaixa Museum of Barcelona, organized by La Caixa, the Education Council of the Catalan government, and Telefónica Foundation.

    In this second edition of the conference, educators from around the world will address some of the most successful and evaluated STEAM (Science + Technology + Engineering + Arts + Mathematics) projects from both Europe and the United States.

    The outreach team at ICFO has been invited to give the workshop “Lights, Camera, Play”, which aims to show how to code light into a tool for collective games and art projects in the classroom.

    The workshop will introduce the basics of Open Frameworks for this kind of project, and discuss its implementation in the classroom: from enabling the teacher to create games, polls, and tests, based on student’s interaction with the screen, to designing small (or big!) art projects to merge artists and coders in the classroom.

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  • Touch the Light!

    Toca la Llum! (Touch the Light!) is a permanent workshop at CosmoCaixa, created and prepared by the outreach team at ICFO, in collaboration with the museum’s educational team and the invaluable contributions of many ICFOnians.

    Through different experiments, the workshop shows the pervasiveness of light in our everyday lives. The activity demonstrates how basic properties of light are used in frontier research, and also how light plays a key role in many of the modern technologies that are currently present in fields as diverse as health, communication, energy etc.

    The workshop is structured in five different modules or activities, including painting and playing with light, manipulating optical setups to see the invisible, and experimenting with modern methods of super-resolution microscopy, like that which was honored with the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The workshop is opened for schools in spring, to the general public in fall, and under maintenance and repair during winter season.

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